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Help us Build And Scale The Next Generation Platform for Sharing & Discovering knowledge.

Front-end Developer

Are you great at transforming product requirements into immersive progressive web apps? Do you want to share your knowledge and build top-notch solutions with our expert developers? Read on, because we might just have a spot for you at our table.

Front-end Architect

Are you experienced in immersive progressive web apps and ready for the next step? Do you have a good feeling of what gives value to a project and what not? Are you a creative problem solver who can communicate these solutions clearly to everyone? Then you might be our new front-end architect!

Web Designer

As a Web Designer you are responsible for translating requirements into usable, effective and delightful interfaces for websites and web apps. You take leading best-practices and proven design principles as a starting point to ensure your designs are clean, simple and focused. Next to that, you never take your eyes off the end user, because you know they are the ones who finally define the success of your work.

Backend Architect

Our job doesn’t begin with a feature request or end with a deploy - our ideal team member is someone who is a self-initiator, identifies what we should work on, figures out how best to tackle it, and isn’t satisfied until it’s done right. He/she will have experience build complex, scalable backend applications and would have deep knowledge of software architecture, scalability and backend performance.

Full Stack Developer

As a Full Stack Developer, you will help shaping the various components that are necessary to build modern software solutions. Do you have a broad interest in all aspects of software development and are eager on learning new technologies? Then you might be the perfect person for this job.

Product Manager

At the Product Manager level, you will own the strategy, develop the roadmap of our product, and work closely with the engineering, design as well as growth team to realize the product vision. The candidate must have both a proven track record building SaaS product, should understand marketing (preferably who has run marketing campaigns before) and a desire to drive amazing new product capabilities.

Community Manager

As a Community Manager, you will help shaping the given Ednsquare community. You will continiously govern the community & have to manage the posts. If you found something that irrelevent to the platform, you will have to perform certain actions on it.