Approach Towards Digital India transport(BRT) System in pune

Revolutinary approach towards our existing (BRT) transport system

The purpose of this Idea is to discuss Intelligent Bus Stops in a special Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), the smart Bus System. These Smart Bus Stops are more efficient and information rich than Traditional Bus Stops.i.e The real Bus System. The real time synchronization of the Smart Bus System makes it unique as compared to Traditional Bus Systems. The Main concern is to make Bus Stops intelligent and information rich. Buses are informed about the no. of passengers waiting at the upcoming Bus Stops. Passenger will get to know about the real time tracking of bus by using their app provided by this idea. This will make people to live in facts not on the basis of perception, which will decrease the ride time of the passengers and also the wait time of the passengers by waiting on the upcoming Bus Stops. Providing more information at Bus Stops about the Destination (Time to Destination, Distance to Destination etc.) and Buses (Bus Location, Arrival Time of Bus etc.) makes it easier for the passengers to decide whether to ride a particular Bus or not.
Keywords: Intelligent Transportation Systems, smart bus stops, Wireless communication, ZigBee,LCD.
How ZigBee is being used in our Idea
ZigBee Antenna The information between Buses and Bus Stops will be transferred through a low power and low cost wireless technology, ZigBee. The Antenna is placed at a certain height on the Bus Stop so that maximum clear light of sight is achieved while communication between Bus and the Bus Stops. The operation of ZigBee and the type of data that is going to be transferred through and from Buses and Bus Stops are beyond the scope of this idea.
How it is being used in our Idea
Lcd is used to display the transmission takes palce between stops(i.e nodes ) and the base station (i.e receiver). We interface our keypad of 4*3 to make the data display in our screen of lcd.

Problem facing of waiting by passenger
Below Shown idea of Flow diagram of Solution provided by this whole concept of idea-:
The Smart Bus Systems is an efficient and a smart Demand Responsive Transit (DRT). It is smart in a sense that it can change dynamically according to the demands of the passengers. The system can fulfil the demands of the passengers in a way that they have to wait less on the Bus Stops and even if they miss the Bus they can be entertained by the next bus without waiting for very long.


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