Introducing Ednsquare Lite 1.0

A better mobile experience at Ednsquare

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Why Ednsquare Lite 1.0 ?
On April 21 We announced First basic version on Ednsquare Lite with minimal features. We hard forked our stack in order to support for better mobile web experience. We already have stack built for Desktop website so far.
However first version on Ednsquare was build for desktop web & it has some issues with mobile devices. It was quite heavy for mobile devices and also data hungry, most of mobile devices has distorted internet connection. Overall it was not able to deliver a better mobile web experience.
Since we have launched new stack for mobile web, we have seen increase in new users, and time they spent on Ednsquare. More than half of overall traffic is coming from mobile & user acquisition rate soon crossed those on desktop web, also bounce rate also dropped down so far. We were able to withdraw traffic from 20 Countries.

That`s all about Ednsquare for web, Let`s dig into Ednsquare Lite and explore what is offered by Ednsquare Lite & its features,

Home or Feed
We are offering personalized Home Feed or Timeline for every users, You may follow people you like to personalize you timeline
  • A chronological collection of Posts made by Ednsquare users you follow.
  • Catch up on the day and see what people are saying. Find interesting, timely conversations and jump in.
Stories, Codes Notes & More

Personal Profile
We are offering Personal Profile page for every users, You may follow people you like. We are making it Easy for others find you easily.
  • Profile page contains all the Posts you have been created so far. We have divided profile into several segments to easily find you and your contents easily by others
  • Other Ednsquare Users can follow you & find you Easily in the network, It also contains list of people you follow & people followed by you so far.
Personal Profile Page
  • This is your inbox for direct messages. Direct messages can be sent privately to Ednsquare users . Think of them as private Posts. You can also create Groups.
  • It’s a great way to follow up with someone if they have a question or concern about your company that doesn’t need the whole world watching.
Two types of channels, Chats & Groups
Supporting waste range of files & embeds & more
  • A list of activity related to your Ednsquare account including mentions, newest followers, posts, likes, and additions to Groups etc.
  • See who is listening to what you have to say. Say hi, acknowledge them, and keep them in mind when you’re deciding relevant content for your followers.

  • Ednsquare brings all your Notes together, giving everyone a workspace to create and share Notes easily and in organized way.
Note & More
Read it or Print it
  • Our powerful Editor allows you to create Dynamic and Interactive Notes. You can also listen to Audio version of a Note.
Create New Note

  • With the power of the network, different ways to engage with stories, and the ability to follow your favorite topics, writers, and publications.
  • Like or Share Articles, or join the Conversation if you want.
  • With the power of the network, Explore Notes, Articles from different people from Different places and Schools, Colleges.
Search for Articles, Notes & More
  • You can search for People and follow them to build strong network.
Explore People
We think these changes will provide a powerful ecosystem that helps all those Students and Teachers who want to discover and share stories and ideas.
We’re calling this release Ednsquare Lite 1.0 because we feel it represents a major milestone for the product. It has all the core components to be the simple-but-powerful idea distribution system we set out to build. But, by definition, 1.0 means this is the beginning. We’re just getting started.
Thank you for trying it out. We hope you find Ednsquare both useful and delightful. Stay tuned to see how it unfolds.

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