How do I print the pointer value of a Go object?

I am just playing around with Go and do not yet have a good mental model of when structs are passed by value or by reference.

This may be a very dumb question but I just want to experiment a bit and see if I am still working on the same object or I have made a copy of it (passed it by value).

Is there a way to print the pointer (or internal id if pointer value is changed by gc) of an object?
package main import ( "runtime" ) type Something struct { number int queue chan int } func gotest( s *Something, done chan bool ) { println( "from gotest:") println( &s ) for num := range s.queue { println( num ) s.number = num } done <- true } func main() { runtime.GOMAXPROCS(4) s := new(Something) println(&s) s.queue = make(chan int) done := make(chan bool) go gotest(s, done) s.queue <- 42 close(s.queue) <- done println(&s) println(s.number) }

gives on my windows (8g compiled version):
0x4930d4 from gotest: 0x4974d8 42 0x4930d4 42

Why does the pointer value from within the go routine show a different value? The quantity on the original object did get changed so it was working with the same object. Is there a way to see an object id that is persistent?

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