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How can I find more communities?
There are several ways. If you already know what you're looking for, or simply want to browse the list in order of popularity, search will be most direct. To find new communities as they're created, you can visit explore communities page.

What is a moderator?
A moderator is just a regular user like you except they volunteer to perform a few humble duties within a particular community:
  • They can remove posts and comments from their community if they find them objectionable or off topic.
  • They can ban a spammer or other abusive user from posting or commenting in their community.
  • They can add other users as moderators.

Can anyone post on Ednsquare?
Yes — all you need is an account!
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Using Ednsquare

Is it possible to change my username?
Yes. It is possible to change your username after you create it. This includes modifying your current username in any way. You can chage your username here

How do I create a community? No you can not create a community. However you can request a new community on this thread

Why aren't my posts showing up?
Your post likely got caught in our spam filter, or was removed by a moderator of that community. You should contact the mod team to ask them about it.

There are a few reasons why this could be, but first of all, make sure that you are looking at the correct community. Also make sure you follow community guidelines while posting.

Ednsquare also has a spam filter designed to detect spam posts and automatically remove them. However, legitimate posts are often caught by the filter.
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Rules & Reporting

What are the rules?
Ednsquare rules are listed here, and by using Ednsquare you are bound to our Terms of service and privacy policy.

What does the "report" button do?
The report button, shown on all posts and comments when you’re logged in, is an anonymous way to alert a community’s moderators to something that violates the community rules or Content Policy.

The more people that report an issue, the more likely some action will be taken. If enough people report something, Ednsquare site administrators (employees) will be informed.
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What are drafts & posts?
There are three types of posts on Ednsquare:
  • Drafts are unfinished posts that have not yet been published. People can only read your draft if you share the URL.
  • Public posts can be read by anyone from your profile page and elsewhere on Ednsquare.
  • Unlisted posts are finished published posts, but cannot be viewed from your timeline page or in the community. You must share the post URL for people to be able to read them.

What are the Tags?
Adding relevant tags to your post will help with its discoverability around the platform. You can add up to five tags per post.

How to Delete a post?
  1. Open your profile page by clicking on profile picture in the top-right corner of menu.
  2. Click Blogs & open the blog to delete.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog .
  4. Click the (Three Dots) down arrow button.
  5. Click Delete story.


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