Fullstack template for React GraphQL project

Bootstrap your fullstack GraphQL app within seconds

The Fullstack React GraphQL Boilerplate repo contains minimal, basic & advanced boilerplates, each allowing to bootstrap a GraphQL server in no time, whether you want to build a simple “Hello world!” or a fully-featured enterprise app.

Getting started

The minimal boilerplate is only two commands away. Just go for:
npm install -g graphql-cli graphql create my-app --boilerplate react-fullstack-minimal

Then yarn start or npm run start will start your basic GraphQL server on a localhost:4000. Basic & advanced setup requires a couple more steps.

After installing GraphQL CLI, bootstrap GraphQL server with:
graphql create my-app --boilerplate react-fullstack-basic (or advance)

when prompted deploy the Prisma service to a _public cluster_, then navigate into server directory of your new project and start it:
cd my-app/server yarn dev

this will run a server on localhost:4000, along with GraphQL Playground; open new terminal tab & navigate back to my-app, then run the app
cd ..
yarn start

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