Personalize Your Ednsquare Experience By following Communities of your interest

Following users, communities and topics on Ednsquare

Logging in to your Ednsquare account allows us to deliver the most relevant and timely posts directly to you, based on your interests. When you follow users, Communities on Ednsquare, you’re customizing the content you receive every time you log in to

Once you’re logged in to your account, you can find personalized suggestions for whom and what to follow next. Here’s a breakdown of what following means on Ednsquare:

Follow Users

You can follow any user on Ednquare — including amazing writers, and even your friends. When you follow someone on Ednquare, we will prioritize showing you. You’ll also be able to upvote and downvote the posts

Follow Communities

Our curators select the best posts on Ednsquare for popular topics and deliver them right to your homepage. When you follow a Community you’re interested in, you’ll see a new section on your homepage about that topic when enough great new posts have been selected for it.

Explore communities

We have have created many communities, you can find all the communities here , Follow community your are intrested in, and will keep you updated
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