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Labcodes started a "Coding for Beginners" series which will includes
tips & tricks of Coding. It also includes Updates regarding the latest programming language.

Part 1: Coding and Programming.
‘Electronic skin’ gives amputees sense of touch
Engineers from Johns Hopkins University, US, have created an e-dermis that provides a real sense of touch when layered on top of prosthetic hands. The e-dermis’ sensors act like nerve endings to send impulses to the user’s peripheral nerves.

izzbie One

Whereas third-party VPNs can potentially leak your data, the izzbie One promises to be a watertight alternative that safeguards your online security with end-to-end military-grade encryption. Hook it up to your router to reliably connect any Windows, Mac, Android and Internet-of-Things devices to your Wi-Fi network from anywhere in the world–ideal for working away from home, watching TV shows abroad and, of course, staying safe online.
these 60+ #DeepLearning #startups are integrating the enhanced #AI technology across a wide array of industries!

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